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Friday, 11 May 2012

Live & Unsigned: Area Finals - Newcastle 12/05/12

Ill be performing in the Area Finals of live & Unsigned
@ the Mill Volvo Theatre, Westgate Road, Newcastle, NE1 4G
Saturday 12th May - Tickets £9 @ the door

All ages welcome. You get 2 votes on each ticket. You must vote for 2 separate acts or your vote will not count. So write your preferred 1st & 2nd choices on the actual ticket. This will be collected after the acts have played, then the winners will be announced. There will be a lot of acts performing 3 mins 30 secs each and the whole gig should last approx 90 mins. You really get your moneys worth, especially as at this stage of the competition, as it is only the winners of the regional finals fighting for a place in the Grand Final @ The O2 Arena in London. Just remember if you are coming vote for me as your number 1 vote!! Or if you are going to support someone else, remember to put me as your 2nd vote!! :-)

The Corvus Experiment

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